Dare to Doubt a Kroger Weekly Ad?

Dare to Doubt a Kroger Weekly AdFolks who have not tried to use a Kroger weekly ad have certainly missing out, but what does it take to convince them it’s the real deal, a bona find way to cut your costs without even having to use coupons?  For me the answer is easy; put out more awareness through family and friends, and don’t be afraid to strike a conversation with someone else at a social gathering and let them know how much money you can’t believe you have saved this year using those lovely Kroger grocery ads!

Many people have never bothered to use anything to help them along with their finances when it comes to groceries.  These poor souls figure they need to just buy less, that they can do without certain things, and their family is just going to have to understand that times are tough and they can’t have everything they want.  However, by using a Kroger weekly ad, this train of thought can be a thing of the past regardless of the type of bad economy.

Instead, many people rely on old methods to get the most bang for their buck.  The most basic way to shop at a supermarket and get the best deals is to learn the prices of products and with a little time, you can commit all of this to memory as if your mind was a mini-computer able to help you save drastic amounts of money.  Yes, it takes experience to learn how to use all of your food buying talent where it makes a difference but you can take a shortcut to success in that area by carrying a note[pad and making notes as you shop.  A Kroger weekly ad can definitely help you get there quicker and it’s so simple to use a child could probably do it!

Unfortunately, weekly ads in all stores are widely overlooked as people are in too much of a hurry to plan shopping trip by building a list of items to buy.  With so many people currently out of work and struggling, these ads are still being left on their little racks collecting dust while a few select people are using them to their huge advantage.

I can say with pride how much I save on a regular basis as I combine the Kroger weekly ad with the one from Winn Dixie.  At least 35% off the total purchase price, and this is because after I have gotten all the buy one get one free offers as well as the specials, I continue shopping for the regular items I buy because we have chosen to do so.  At home, we are happy if the total grocery bill for 2 weeks is $270.00 minus 35%, which comes out to about $175.50.  While the average American family of 4 spends about $800.00 for all of their grocery and miscellaneous shopping needs ours comes out to about $500.00, a full $300.00 savings just because I take the time to construct a nice shopping list using a little magazine with tons of deals and specials on it.

If you want to save $300.00 a month, you can easily do it with a bit of pre-planning that does not take more than 30 minutes.  I believe it’s worth it to use a Kroger weekly ad and there is no way I will ever doubt its effectiveness in helping us save quite a bit of money.

How to Combine Free Coupons With Your Kroger Weekly Ad

Kroger Weekly AdNow that you have your Kroger weekly ad and your free coupons from the Sunday paper in your hands, it’s time to step up your game by using printable coupons off the Internet.  You can also mix in some online coupons in order to shop from your computer for other retail purchases, but we’ll save that for another article.  Visit wow-coupons.com and coolsavings.com and print out your favorite free manufacturer coupons.

Make your grocery list and write down all the items you will use on the left side of the paper or notepad, then make a few columns to the right where you will list the different supermarkets and grocery stores for each column.  Ideally, you want to have at least 2 to 3 supermarkets to shop at if you want to save the most amount of money using your grocery weekly ads.  This is because you will comparison shop at each store by writing down the prices of your favorite items in the corresponding columns.  This way, when you get home, you can compare prices and figure out which store sells each particular item at the cheapest price through their weekly deals.

How To Pick Out the Best Kroger Weekly Ad Offers

Once your list is done, go over the Kroger weekly ad and pick out the best weekly sales, including the buy one get one free offers (BOGO).  Look at your list as a reference while you are picking out products and make substitutions for different brands of the same type of products if you have to in order to save money using the special deals.  Usually, you will also add a few items to your list and if you do, know that you will end up paying close to the same amount of money you normally do on your shopping trips, except you will end up with far more products for your money.

When you visit using your Kroger coupons and the weekly ad circulars, go carefully through the aisles and make sure your coupons are in order so that you can easily match them to the products you take off the shelves.  I like to keep my coupons organized in a little file box I bought at Office Max and it’s small enough where I can carry it in the front of my shopping cart.  Now, at first, you will probably spend more time than you want at the grocery store but it’s important to start slowly so you get all the coupons to work for you until you learn from your experience.  Soon, you will be flying through the aisles quicker than you ever have while saving tons of money in the process.

When the next weekend comes make sure you get your Kroger weekly ad and your free coupons and make the most use out of them.

Use Your Kroger Flyer with Coupons For Maximum Savings

Kroger CouponsIf you are trying to save money and you still haven’t used it yet, it’s time to brush off that Kroger flyer and put it to good use. It really does not take that much effort to start putting your frugal shopping into overdrive if you just take the time to put forth the effort. Most people just dream about making a change in their lives like losing weight or saving money for that dream vacation they keep putting off, and the vast majority of people would like to save money while shopping for groceries yet they don’t take the first step to begin out of pure laziness!

The Kroger weekly flyer is full of special deals you can get your hands on if you only try. For example, did you know that many people can save up to 40 to 50% off their total purchase by using those weekly deals? It’s absolutely true. Furthermore, if you throw the store and manufacturers’ coupons into the mix you can really let it fly and save a drastic amount of money. All it takes is a little planning.

The first thing you can do is plan a shopping list of the basic items you need. For example, for my family, I start with things like milk, eggs, whole wheat bread and perhaps that tasty Nature’s Own whole wheat hot dog bun bread we can use to have a fairly healthy treat with those fat free hot dogs from Oscar Mayer. Also on this general list we cannot do without I will place bottles of water; this is because my kids get more encouraged to drink if it’s out of a bottle versus going to the fridge and drinking from the filtered tap water. I don’t even want to begin how to explain that one; it just is!

Finally, I place a few more basic things on the list and I jump directly to the Kroger sales flyer. Here, I start with the buy one get one free offers and I only pick the ones my family can really use. Oftentimes there are some great deals with these and don’t be surprised at how much you can save off some of your favorite items. Truth is, many times while we shop, we don’t even know about these deals because we don’t bother to take a look at the weekly flyer, and we are delighted when we see the sales through the aisles.

Next, I look through the Sunday paper for my manufacturer coupons and I usually find just about 10-15 extra dollars off for my next trip. I am not a big fan of using coupons as my main source of saving at the supermarket; I count on the Kroger flyer for that!

Kroger Weekly Ad – Why Even Bother?

Kroger Weekly AdIt happened again this weekend. Another family member asked me why I even bothered to use a Kroger weekly ad when I went shopping for groceries. I must admit, on this occasion instead of kindly explaining why I do use them, I became irritated and quipped back at this person we’ll call Kathy. When she reads this she will know I’m talking about her, for sure!

You see, Kathy has been living in an ivory tower all of her life. I doubt she’s ever even had a job. Her husband, a mortgage broker, did really well during the 80s in the 90s. I’ll give her credit for raising three beautiful children but there’s a reason why she has no clue what a Kroger weekly ad is; she’s never had to struggle for finances ever, I think. She’s never had to use a coupon, never had to pay a bill  late unless she forgot about it, and she has never had a problem going out and eating a $200 meal at one of her favorite restaurants without feeling guilty about overspending.

This is why I didn’t even bother to tell Kathy that by using a Kroger weekly ad it helps me save 30 to 40% off my grocery bill on a regular basis. She doesn’t have the capacity to understand how a person like me needs to save money and how I can’t attend certain functions that she can for $500 a plate. Kathy lives in a dream world, a world where there are no financial worries and no stress involving not being able to buy the things you’d like. Her kids have done really well; two of them are attending two of the best schools in the country and one has graduated with a four year degree and is in law school. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not envious or jealous at all. On the contrary, I’m really excited and happy for their family, especially her kids. I just have a hard time understanding why somebody of a certain high stature in the community like her can say something so thoughtless as she did by poking fun at the way I try to save money while shopping for groceries for my family. Can anybody say snob?

Oh well, there’s one in every bunch. I’ll continue using my Kroger weekly ads and I’ll continue saving tons of money when I shop and I wonder someday if the tide turns for Cathy and her finances aren’t what they used to be, how she might rush up to me one day and say,”Do you remember the time we were talking about the Kroger weekly ad, can you teach me about it?” Wishful thinking on my part, huh?

How to Use a Kroger Weekly Ad to Build Your Shopping List

Kroger Shopping ListThere is no one correct way to use a Kroger weekly ad to maximize the benefits of saving while shopping for groceries. Some people  use them just to pick out one or two or maybe a few other items to add to their shopping, some people will grab maybe a couple of items as they finish their shopping through the aisles, and some other people will base their entire shopping list on the Kroger weekly ads by starting with the buy one get one free offers and proceeding from there on.

I prefer the last one. I love building a grocery list by opening up a Kroger ad and looking through all the deals and specials and I can find. It’s really simple. All you have to do is get a notebook paper and up and start writing down the basic products that you always use such as milk, eggs, bread,  coffee, et cetera. At first it will take a little bit of practice, but as an example, I can tell you that it takes me about 10 min. to assemble a great shopping list based on all the special discounts that I can find including coupons. Once I have my list I look at all the manufacturers coupons that I have in my file box to see if I can match any of the offers. By using this method with some of the buy one get one free offers I can sometimes save  negative 2 dollars on a product which means they end up giving me money!

That’s where the fun begins. I can find a few BOGO offers, usually 2 to 3 every trip, and put down a coupon from the manufacturer and come away with all those items for completely free, which means I don’t even end up buying one to get another free. This is the magic of using weekly ads with coupons so don’t doubt for a second that you can’t do the same!

By combining the Kroger weekly ad with all the coupons and by trying to match the products you can find yourself saving anywhere between 20 to 50% off of your final grocery bill. Understand there are going to be good days and bad days. While one week you can save 40% off your final bill the next week you might only reach the 25% mark. This is just a part of trying to match the coupons with all the daily specials at your favorite supermarket and by using a Kroger weekly ad you can certainly increase your savings substantially.

3 Reasons Why a Kroger Weekly Circular Can Help Your Finances

weekly-kroger-adKroger weekly circular can benefit you in more ways than one if you take the time to use it consistently.  I know I never would have thought the same unless I started using it a couple of years ago along with my free coupons. I was one of those resistant to change, thinking if I could just save money, adjust and cut back on the grocery items I would buy, I would be able to save a lot more and it wouldn’t cramp our lifestyle. I was wrong; there was always a better way. 

Then I picked up a Kroger weekly circular one day on my way out of the store. Before, these printed weekly sales ads used to catch my attention as I would exit while they sat their in a bin and I never once looked at them because I was into using printable coupons the whole time. Funny how when I was a kid, I have a distinct memory of my mom picking up the weekly flyers and wondering why she was spending so much time looking at them as we strolled through the aisles! Anyway, I started using them religiously, and the rest is history. I will never step foot in a grocery store or supermarket without one in hand knowing what I do right now.

A Kroger Weekly Flyer Equals Money In Your Pocket

Here are three reasons why using Kroger weekly circular can put more money in your pocket:

1. Although the weekly store ads are chock full of useless sales, it does not mean you can’t find a few items to fill your family’s needs on a regular basis. There are enough Kroger weekly specials to last you a lifetime, or at least until as long as they remain in business. This means you are guaranteed to save money, and lots of it, every single time you shop there.

2. The amount of money you save may inspire you to look into it a little deeper and soon you can start shaving off about 30-40% off the total bill on every shopping trip by incorporating printable coupons as well as ones from the Sunday newspaper inserts. It’s not that hard to sit in your living room on the weekend with nice cup of coffee, looking through the Sunday weekly ads for just about anything. Time it takes; 30 minutes!

3. The buy one get one free offers (BOGO) are regular and they can provide a significant amount of savings, enough to bypass coupons entirely. In fact, many folks don’t even use coupons because they know they can sometimes save more than $50.00 by buying in bulk using just one Kroger weekly circular!